Refund Policy

Acceptance of Terms

Your visa services will be non-refundable under any circumstances once the visa applicationform is approved by the Myanmar Immigration Office. No refund shall be provided if the visa isissued and mailed to you.

Please make sure that all the information that you provide on the application form is correct as we will notbe responsible for any incorrect information being submitted in the visa application forms and henceno refunds shall be provided by us.

We strongly recommend you to check the information on the application form before submitting.

100% refunds will be provided to the customers ONLY under the following circumstances-

  • Failure in submitting the e-Visa application within 24 hours.
  • System or technical error in submitting application form.
  • Mailing service failure.
Please notify us in case you face any kind of technical failure from our side.To cancel your e-Visa Application services or to request a refund, write us onus[@] Please include your application ID, name, passportnumber and other useful information with the mail.