Myanmar e-Visa Terms & Conditions

Terms And Condition

The terms and conditions govern the way users utilize the services offered here on the website. You are requested to review any change in the terms and conditions as it may be updated from time to time.

  • The user agrees to abide by the law and regulations while using the website. The User of this website also agrees not to use this website for any illegal purposes as well as any commercial or marketing purposes.
  • The Website will not be responsible for any wrong or invalid information provided in the forms. We will make all efforts to provide the Visa within the specified period of time. However, the website will not be responsible if the authorities refuse to issue the Visa, Refuse to accept the application form, Issue an incorrect Visa or make delays in processing the Visa.
  • We are committed to providing our users with the highest standard of service. We ensure that all the issues you face are handled seriously addressed fairly. You can write to us for any complaints or issues you face on our email:
  • We are not affiliated with any government agency. We provide services that relate to the application and submission of visa documentation. We charge a processing fee for our services.
  • If you fail to comply with any of these Terms of use, we reserve the right to block your access to this site immediately and without notice.